Beauty Set! NANODESSERT Nanotip Cream + Triple Mild Toner

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Nanoneedles are a big advantage of NANOASIA brand as they actively contribute to the regeneration of all layers of the skin.
Regular use of the products improves skin texture and condition.

Reduces acne scars, adds elasticity, helps skin regeneration and recovery, reduces pigmentation, evens skin tone. These products are a “must-have” for pigmented spots, couperose and rosacea and a great solution to age-related skin changes. With the help of nanoneedles all active ingredients penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and undergo active cellular renewal.

The ingredients of the serum and creams penetrate deep into the skin layer to ensure fast and effective result. As a result, the skin becomes youthful and helps to relieve several skin problems. Nanodessert with Nanotip will give an effect that would otherwise be achievable by injection.

If you need to choose between cream and serum, consider your skin type, but remember that the best effect is when using serum and cream together. More concentrated composition of active ingredients is in serum than in cream. If you have a dry skin type, Nanotip cream is more rich and provides deeper moisturizing effect.

NANODESSERT Triple Mild Toner reduces inflammation and provides exfoliation. Cleanses pores, regulates the function of sebaceous glands. AHA and BHA keep skin young and healthy. Toner helps fight acne, comedos and acne. Keratinized cells and pigment spots degrade the color and an even surface of the skin, interfere with metabolic processes of the skin, prevent the delivery of useful ingredients into the skin. AHA, BHA, PHA – very efficiently initiate a chemical purification process, as they work from inside the pores, eliminating dead cells and allowing young and healthy cells to get to the surface.

5 peptides help to produce collagen and elastin, so the skin feels refreshed and moisturised. It is useful to use this product in case of sun damage, loss of estrogen, if the skin is too dry or oily. It is effective with psoriasis and rosacea. The acids contained in NANOASIA toner solution help to remove the increased skin layer and make skin look more healthy and young.

-Delicate,gentle texture
-Works as a mask for moisturizing and cleansing – maximum moisturizing ingredients
-Does not dry the skin
-Delicate fragrance turns the washing procedure into an aromatherapy session
-Anti-aging effect
-Protection against environmental hazards
-Stimulates cell renewal
-Quickly absorbs excess fat, dissolves greasy plugs

Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types. Non-comedogenic product. Certified in Europe.


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