Beauty Set! BC Cream SPF50+ & extra BC Cream Refill

125.00 100.00



BC Cream – the new generation of cushion with peptide and gem extracts. Serves as a light tonal base with almost lightless texture. Cushion is a compact box with a swab impregnated with BC fluid and a dry sponge with which the product is applied on skin. The compact box has an original design and decorated with rhinestones. The product provides perfect coverage thanks to the unique texture of the cream and the nano-powder with gems and semi-gems contained in it, which results in a glowing effect on the skin. The BC cream developed by NANOASIA specialists not only covers defects but also has a lifting and healing effect on the problem skin zones.

Beauty Set includes extra BC refill that is packed separately in NANOASIA package.

(BC cream box is available in different colors and may vary.)



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